Makeup that you wear every day is very different from makeup that is being photographed. Photographs have a tendencies to wash your natural features out and any light makeup you may wear. When applying makeup for photos you need to know not only what features need a little extra makeup, but also how some products interact with flashes from photography and so on!


I was certified at Avalon school of Cosmetology, through the MAC cosmetics line. Let someone with experience and knowledge help you look your very best in photos! For special events such as weddings it is so nice to have one less thing to worry about! I will glam you up and help you look flawless without the stress and the hours of YouTube tutorials!

Bridal Pricing


Consultation: Free

This consultation is for you to bring me whatever look you want for your event and then we can go over eye shape, skin type/tone, and any other facial characteristics!

Trial: $50

Join me in my home studio to help decide what looks best for your big day. I do recommend a trial to every bride so we can make it exactly how you want for the big day!

Engagements: $55-$65

More of a natural and simple look or "camera ready!"

Bridals/Wedding Day: $70

Bridal/Wedding day includes full face glam makeup that will hold all day and false lashes! For specials and package pricing please contact me!

Makeup Lessons


Lesson: $50/per hour

Just the lesson with a few application tricks

Full face Makeover and Lesson: $50/per hour PLUS $20 for full face

The lesson with application and a full face makeover

What you'll learn:

Skin Care

Application of Make-up

Learn your brushes

Find your perfect match in makeup

Highlight and Contouring

Group Lesson: Email me for pricing details 



Starting Price: $50

Perfect for Dances, Pageants, Senior Pictures and Family Pictures, or just for fun!


Boudoir Makeover

Full face glam and body make-up: $75

Hair Styling: $30

Additional Services

Airbrush: Additional $15

Airbrush foundation gives your face a pore less and flawless finish that will last all day. It is water resistant and will hold up through sweat and tears.

Strip Eyelashes: $5-$20

Singular wispy lashes: $2 

Hourly rate after service fee: $30 

Hair Styling: $30 

Up do: $60

Booking Deposit: Non-refundable $25